Thursday, 3 January 2013


Since we can't clearly remember how we met as a group, and since this blog was started in part to help us keep track of what happens in this group, I would like to introduce you to Tyson. (We might do some other introductions later, such as actually introducing ourselves. Or each other.)

Tyson joined us for the first time two weeks ago, after I met him at a meeting for Forty Days of Life (which begins on Ash Wednesday this year; you should come to it. Yes, you. More on what 40DFL looks like in other places in Australia: here)
On a personal note and given the history of 40 Days here in Perth, I was a tiny bit suspicious when he rocked up. My initial thought, which I quickly cast aside (when he recognised what "CYM" stood for) was that he was from one of the student groups who tried to 'get involved' last year in order to disrupt the prayer.
Anyway, after the meeting, after hearing that I was on my way to SBG, he kindly offered to drop me there. I offered to take him to The Presbytery and introduce him to the Priests & Br Gilbert. As heaps of us were there, he and I both ended up staying for a considerable portion of the night.
He has been at SBG almost as often as me this fortnight and might as well will move in.

I could tell you more about him, but I figure I'll wait until I actually have his permission to do so.

Pax in Christo

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