Thursday, 10 January 2013

Embrace it!

The Grace that is.

Known by Catholics in Perth as ETG (which along with SBG and CYM form the Catholic three letter acronyms) Embrace the Grace is the Youth camp run by the Respect Life Office at the start of December each year. After not being able to go for the last few years due to prac I was back again this year along with Callum and Tom.

Snap shots to give you a taste:
(Totally stole some of these from The Record)

The theme was Life and Grace and we had some brilliant speakers, brilliant people and brilliant prayer and Adoration. 

It would take pages and pages to write everything we did so I will leave you with some highlights..

1. Adoration and daily mass.
2. Group enrolment into the brown scapular and miraculous medal.
3. Lauds with the monks.
4. Rev Fr Giles' talk on life and grace.
5. femininity and masculinity talks ( I don't know what the masculinity talk was like but the femininity one was pretty amazing, Jonathan Doyle gave part of the talk so it was great to get a males perspective and that stopped it bordering on militant feminism as some femininity talks tend to do. Also the talk didn't centre exclusively on modesty, which was great for those of us who have heard the modesty talk many times before. plus we got tea cups! ) 

Team St Angela Merici.

Yours in Christ,

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